Source code for qutip_qip.compiler.instruction

from copy import deepcopy
import numpy as np

__all__ = ["Instruction"]

[docs]class Instruction: """ Representation of pulses that implement a quantum gate. It contains the control pulse required to implement the gate on a particular hardware model. Parameters ---------- gate: :class:`.Gate` The quantum gate. duration: list, optional The execution time needed for the instruction. tlist: array_like, optional A list of time at which the time-dependent coefficients are applied. See :class:`.Pulse` for detailed information` pulse_info: list, optional A list of tuples, each tuple corresponding to a pair of pulse label and pulse coefficient, in the format (str, array_like). This pulses will implement the desired gate. Attributes ---------- targets: list, optional The target qubits. controls: list, optional The control qubits. used_qubits: set Union of the control and target qubits. """ def __init__(self, gate, tlist=None, pulse_info=(), duration=1): self.gate = deepcopy(gate) self.used_qubits = set() if self.targets is not None: self.targets.sort() # Used when comparing the instructions self.used_qubits |= set(self.targets) if self.controls is not None: self.controls.sort() self.used_qubits |= set(self.controls) self.tlist = tlist if self.tlist is not None: if np.isscalar(self.tlist): self.duration = self.tlist elif abs(self.tlist[0]) > 1.0e-8: raise ValueError("Pulse time sequence must start from 0") else: self.duration = self.tlist[-1] else: self.duration = duration self.pulse_info = pulse_info @property def name(self): """ Corresponding gate name """ return @property def targets(self): """ Target qubits :type: list """ return self.gate.targets @property def controls(self): """ Control qubits :type: list """ return self.gate.controls